M5A1: Blog Post: Vlog Critique

Dominos Youtube content strategy is not extraordinary by any means. The company actually airs its dirty laundry showing customer reviews and negative comments. The strategy attempts to show the customers that they are listening and working to improve. There have been changes like the company name “Domino’s” instead of Domino’s pizza. Domino’s quickly problems with ingredients tackled boasting of using real ingredients and perfecting there sauce. I want to say that even these small changes have made a difference. There’s substance to these initiatives, but it’s pretty obvious they’re also designed to modernize the company’s image (Taylor, 2016). Dominos is leading the way in technology among its competitors. Increasing customer adoption of digital ordering system could drive the company’s top-line growth (Domino’s Pizza, Inc, 2015). The popularity of videos on the internet has grown and with that so should the effectiveness in optimizing video content, this is where I think dominos falls behind. I would recommend that Dominos like many of its competitors ad a little entertainment to its videos to get people to watch. Currently the highest ranked video is that of Domino’s DXP vehicle. Even though the video is of a car the comments are clearly about the pizza. The pizza isn’t bad the marketing is.



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M4A1: Blog Post: Storytelling Through Video: Old Spice Humor vs Chipotle Emotion

Old Spice designed their Social Media Strategy to appeal to their target audience while combining both feminine and masculine ideals into there advertisements. The marketing was done in such a fresh and personal way, the commercials became a viral hit. Old Spice knew women actually purchased the vast majority of there body wash and now was the time to capitalize on it. Many people believe it was  the originality of the idea or the gorgeous spokesperson. I believe since the spokesmen change it’s the comedic tone of the advertisement that drew customers in. Chipotle  largely utilizes “Cause Marketing”, promoting the message of sustainable food and responsible agricultural practices rather than its own products(ReferralCandy, 2017). Chipotle identified very early on that this is an issue its customers care deeply about and has been rolling with the strategy ever since (ReferralCandy, 2017). While both companies shared one strategy it was to appeal to the good in all of us and old spices was to entertain. Old spice was the one everybody was talking about instead of turning the commercial we had to see it we waited for the next installment. I don’t think the strategy used by either could be duplicated I think companies who duplicate are seen as copy cats but there is a possibility of adding a few different elements like the hotel commercial where the actors seem to be talking directly to you (ex. Captain Obvious from hotels.com or Dos Equis the most interesting man in the world). If people find advertisements entertaining and relatable they are more likely to watch them. Words like “trust” and “closeness” might sound like they belong in a Cosmo article about what makes a strong romantic relationship, let’s face it consumers don’t just want a good product, they want to know that the company selling to them cares.

Even as I close this article there is someone visiting the Old Spice website watching the commercial whether it’s for a laugh or curiosity about what’s next. I think that’s what makes the brand so interesting there’s always something new and entertaining around the corner. There is something that appeals to each of us in a different way but companies who know who their customers are know how to grab their attention and keep them coming back.


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M3A1: Blog Post: Analyzing Data in Trending Topics

What is Social Mention

When visiting Social Mention.com I analyzed three words sentiment, and strength. The data being collected reminded me of when people would say “big brother is watching” fact is companies are watching. Each of these metrics can allow a company to monitor its brand, product, competition, customers and find influencers. These things give a company insight into marketing by allowing them to capitalize on what’s hot on the web. Social media like many other social media mediums allows business to monitor and engage find new customers, build brand awareness, and improve your reputation online.


1% – strength, 5:0 – sentiment, 0% – Passion, 1% – reach

2 days avg. per mention, last mention 7 minutes ago, 1 unique authors, 0 retweets

Top Keywords

Sentiment 11 Davos 3 Trump 2 Executives 4 Month 3
Consumer 5 Highest 3 University 2 Convenience 3  


0% – strength, 1:0 – sentiment, 0% – passion, 0% – reach

1 days avg. per mention, last mention yesterday, 0 unique authors, 0 retweets

Top Keywords

Series 2 Glass 2 Coach 5 Conditioning 3 Winning 2
Mcdonnell 2 Strength 5 Oklahoma 2 Title 2 Degales 2

M2A1: Twitter vs. Google+, for your business

The Internet is receiving just as much attention as the number of  devices connected, projected to exceed 50 billion by the year 2020 (Bian, et.al, 2016). With this much usage the internet is quickly becoming a hot bed for business. But which medium is the best for your business?  Are there any benefits? Why even bother?

Fact is social media platforms have become increasingly popular today. Secondly, people favor online social platforms to more traditional media sources for obtaining information in real time.

 Google’s official mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (Ammori, 2014).  Twitter, users publish short messages using 140 or fewer characters to “tweet” about their opinions on various topics, to share information, and to have conversations with their ‘followers’. The question is how much interaction are you willing to put into your twitter. It’s time to take another look at Google+ for you business.

Over course of 48 hours, I monitor the chat around the term “#highered” on Twitter. I found that the overall theme for #highered seemed to be Academics. There were discussions involving adaptive learning, preparing students for college and integration into the workforce. Some articles advertised FREE eBooks, Tutorials & White Papers. I also found that there were many organizations sharing not only information about academics but support services.The majority of posts were made by Office of Ed Tech. The Office of Educational Technology (OET) provides leadership for maximizing technology’s contribution to improving education at all levels.

Technology keeps advancing, students keep changing, and the world we live in is vastly different than the one in which most of us seasoned educators completed our student teaching experiences. Yet in many ways, teacher preparation hasn’t reflected these changes (HYDE, 2017).




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M1A1: Blog Post: Arguing the Case for Social Media

This is the post excerpt.

Salvation Army takes bell ringing online

The organization is the second-largest charity in the country after the United Way and is by far the largest faith-based charity. In addition to its well-known thrift stores, it runs homeless shelters, soup kitchens, addiction treatment programs, youth camps and services for the elderly, veterans, and victims of natural disasters.

The faith-based charity solicits donations through its Online Red Kettle, linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

The faith-based social service charity is fully digital, recently streaming online a Christmas pop concert held in Glendale, collecting text donations via mobile phones, and developing an iPhone app with a ringing bell.

The cornerstone of the electronic effort is the Online Red Kettle — linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The Salvation Army launched its mobile phone text capability a new shift in how people communicate with a nonprofit organization.”

Almost every nonprofit now offers the ability to donate online, and many corporations, including newspapers and special Christmas drives.

In the last few years, the organization has dived into electronic media. Online efforts supplement, rather than replace, the Salvation Army’s human bell ringers. The organization still believes that personal contact on the local level is key to maintaining its image.

Photo credit: Salvation Army. Retrieved from: www.salvationarmyusa.org/