M1A1: Blog Post: Arguing the Case for Social Media

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Salvation Army takes bell ringing online

The organization is the second-largest charity in the country after the United Way and is by far the largest faith-based charity. In addition to its well-known thrift stores, it runs homeless shelters, soup kitchens, addiction treatment programs, youth camps and services for the elderly, veterans, and victims of natural disasters.

The faith-based charity solicits donations through its Online Red Kettle, linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

The faith-based social service charity is fully digital, recently streaming online a Christmas pop concert held in Glendale, collecting text donations via mobile phones, and developing an iPhone app with a ringing bell.

The cornerstone of the electronic effort is the Online Red Kettle — linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. The Salvation Army launched its mobile phone text capability a new shift in how people communicate with a nonprofit organization.”

Almost every nonprofit now offers the ability to donate online, and many corporations, including newspapers and special Christmas drives.

In the last few years, the organization has dived into electronic media. Online efforts supplement, rather than replace, the Salvation Army’s human bell ringers. The organization still believes that personal contact on the local level is key to maintaining its image.

Photo credit: Salvation Army. Retrieved from: www.salvationarmyusa.org/

One thought on “M1A1: Blog Post: Arguing the Case for Social Media”

  1. The Salvation Army was a place where we found hop and strength while surviving Hurricane Katrina. They, along with The American Red Cross, were extremely supportive to th local community.


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