M4A1: Blog Post: Storytelling Through Video: Old Spice Humor vs Chipotle Emotion

Old Spice designed their Social Media Strategy to appeal to their target audience while combining both feminine and masculine ideals into there advertisements. The marketing was done in such a fresh and personal way, the commercials became a viral hit. Old Spice knew women actually purchased the vast majority of there body wash and now was the time to capitalize on it. Many people believe it was  the originality of the idea or the gorgeous spokesperson. I believe since the spokesmen change it’s the comedic tone of the advertisement that drew customers in. Chipotle  largely utilizes “Cause Marketing”, promoting the message of sustainable food and responsible agricultural practices rather than its own products(ReferralCandy, 2017). Chipotle identified very early on that this is an issue its customers care deeply about and has been rolling with the strategy ever since (ReferralCandy, 2017). While both companies shared one strategy it was to appeal to the good in all of us and old spices was to entertain. Old spice was the one everybody was talking about instead of turning the commercial we had to see it we waited for the next installment. I don’t think the strategy used by either could be duplicated I think companies who duplicate are seen as copy cats but there is a possibility of adding a few different elements like the hotel commercial where the actors seem to be talking directly to you (ex. Captain Obvious from hotels.com or Dos Equis the most interesting man in the world). If people find advertisements entertaining and relatable they are more likely to watch them. Words like “trust” and “closeness” might sound like they belong in a Cosmo article about what makes a strong romantic relationship, let’s face it consumers don’t just want a good product, they want to know that the company selling to them cares.

Even as I close this article there is someone visiting the Old Spice website watching the commercial whether it’s for a laugh or curiosity about what’s next. I think that’s what makes the brand so interesting there’s always something new and entertaining around the corner. There is something that appeals to each of us in a different way but companies who know who their customers are know how to grab their attention and keep them coming back.


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